Guide to Use Yahoo Notepad on Apple and Android Devices

Undoing a “soft delete” is easy – just look in the Recycle Bin/Trashcan of your operating system/desktop environment. You’ll find there all files that were deleted last. Click “Backup” on the Preference window, and find the Notepad ++ backup location on your PC in the “Backup path”. I have encountered this problem a couple of […]

Editor Setup

Copying or cutting the data based on the number of characters in a row is also great. Color-coding depending on which development language is being viewed is very helpful. Ability to open a new tab, don’t name it, close the program, and open it back up with all the data still there. You can search […]

How to Run Java Program in CMD Using Notepad

Instead, they introduced the Create PDF tab that enables you to make PDF from .xls or .xlsx files in a single button click, provided that you have a paid subscription. Active sheet – this will save either the current worksheet or all of the selected sheets in one PDF file. If the resulting PDF document […]

How To Install And Use Notepad++ On Windows 11 PC Detailed Review HTMD Blog

Its cool colour combination also reduces stress and fatigue. Notepad is a critical piece of software in Windows that allows you to take notes, save data, and do other things. Users can enable the Dark Theme by going to Settings on Windows 10 or Windows 11. This article will walk you through how to use […]

4 Ways To Recover Notepad File On Win 10 Quickly

This feature is very helpful in searching a particular text or node when a very large file is loaded. I am sure that you would like it once you use it. Two of the things we like about a7 JsonViewer are Tree and Text View options. When folks use Tree view, they are basically looking […]